Paw in the Door: It takes a Village

It is said the phrase, "It takes a village" dates back to the earliest of craft shows, when historians believe friends, loved ones, and even strangers, came together to exhibit and trade their handcrafted wares, in a show of peace and unity with their fellow man and woman (source unknown).  This age-old adage has never been truer than at the booth of Paw in the Door this past weekend at Make it Show's spring craft fair in Edmonton.  We couldn't be more grateful to all the amazing people who contributed to making it such a wonderful experience: from the tireless hard work (and questionable dance moves) of our booth's helpers, Jill & David, to the kind words of support from our talented neighbourhood vendors; and all the people who stopped by to share their smiles and stories with us in between - it really wouldn't have been possible without you.  We can't wait to make some more memories with you when we come back for Make it Show's holiday fair in November.